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How does the PINK Bottle work? 

The Pink Bottle © has over 20 unique active ingredients and nutrients that function to revitalise and nourish vibrant skin, promote the growth of long, voluminous, lustrous hair, stimulate the growth of strong, resilient nails whilst simultaneously minimising hair follicle breakage, dry, flaky skin and brittle nails.


How do I use the Pink Bottle?  

It is recommended that you take 2 gummy heart vitamins a day.


Is the Pink Bottle vegetarian and vegan friendly? 

Yes, The Pink Bottle is gluten and gelatin free and contains no animal products. 


Should I consume the Pink Bottle when I’m pregnant or on any sort of medication? 

It is recommended that you consult with your GP


Is the Pink Bottle Cruelty free? 

Of course! The Pink Bottle 100% cruelty free!


Can I exceed my daily intake? 

It is strongly recommended that you follow recommended daily intake of 2 vitamin gummies a day as specified on the bottle.


Where do you ship the Pink Bottle to?

 We ship worldwide and ship within 24 hours of 


How do I track my order? 

We provide a tracking number sent directly to your email to track the product as it is delivered.


Is my credit card information secure?

We value each customers’ privacy, as such, we use an encryption service to process your payment and your credit card information is hidden from us. 


We're brands / influencers that would like to collaborate with Peace & Co., where do I get in touch? 

We'd love to collaborate with companies and brands around Australia, please send us an email on sales@peaceandco.com.au to discuss more! 


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From our hearts to yours, let's get in touch.  

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