Love the Pink Bottle? Why not recommend to your family & friends. At the heart of Peace & Co. we believe in change from within. Anyone with passion of beauty and wellbeing are welcome to join us.

How does it work?

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1. Team up with Peace & Co, it's not just about earning that commission. In Peace & Co. we value wellness as well as passion for a healthier way of living. If you already are a customer of Peace & Co. You'll already know our pink bottle means change from within. Love the pink bottle and know a friend that could use some delicious vitamins to heal and improve their hair, skin & nails? Join us today.

2. Partner up with us after signing up in Refersion. All FAQ's about commission code / payout are down below.

I want to know more about...

being an affiliate and all the details!

Do I have to be an influencer to join? Is this global? 

We welcome anyone that has a passion about wellness and beauty to join! Anyone is welcome. Our campaign runes globally as well. Anyone anywhere can sign up!

What is the commission rate?

Great news! Our standard commission rate for every affiliate is 13.5% per order! That means you will earn ~5 AUD / order with successful conversion!  

How do I make commission?

After signing up in Refersion, you will receive a personalized affiliate link. Copy that link and send it to your family & friends, and when they complete a purchase, the commission will be automatically submitted to our Refersion app for tracking / Payout.

When do I get paid?

Commissions will be paid out at the end of each month.

In what currency do I get paid?

As we are an Australian Company commissions will be paid out in AUD

How do I track my conversation?

You can track your conversation from the refersion link we provided on PC or Mobile.

The affiliate program is still in BETA testing mode, we'd love to know if it works well for you! Come sign up and test it out yourself!